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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Rebeca Gurgel and I am obsessed with self-help.
One fateful day in middle school, I picked up a book on Procrastination from the clearance bin at Barnes & Noble and the rest is history. After devouring that book, I spent the consequent years reading and researching on such topics as: how to beat procrastination, how to change beliefs, how to become more productive and how to land your dream job.

Along the way, I've learned what works, what doesn't and a bunch of cool tips, tricks and shortcuts.

This blog takes you on my lifelong journey!

With the goal of helping you live your best life, I will share what I have learned and what I am still learning.

Having this blog has always been a dream of mine as I truly believe that knowledge must be shared to be effective. I am one of those corny people that believe that we could change the entire world if we only learned to become more positive, manage our emotions, value our relationships and make good use of our time.

So come along on this journey with me and don't hesitate to drop me an email at: [email protected]